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NRBC Challenge

Congrats to Amy Stoney and Skeets Whizard (Wilson) for rockin a sweet 219.5 to tie 3rd in the L4 and L3 NRBC Classic Challenge earning over $6,300. They also placed 4th in the $5,000 added Non Pro class.  With over $41,800 in lifetime earnings this special little gelding is still as honest as the day he first stepped into the showpen. Thanks NRBC for offering a high dollar maturity, congrats to Champion Lisa Bissell on a great win defending her 2015 title.  Kudos to the exhibitors/programs responsible for this deep set of 7 and up horses. This plainly proves that talented reiners can stay performing at a high level even with a few miles on them. Good job Amy and Wilson!


Ο σχολιασμός έχει απενεργοποιηθεί.
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