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"Hi Connie, Hope has arrived safe and sound.  She traveled so well.  She is gorgeous, such a sweet angelic mare and so gentle with the kids... The lady at quarantine just adored her and my transport fellow thought she was lovely.  A very special mare.  I feel privileged that she is part of our family. I shall keep in touch and let you know when  bub arrives, we can't wait… Thanks again for all your help with her purchase. You have been fabulous to deal with.  Kind Regards Amanda"
Amanda Bos, Surrey, UK purchased MJG Hollywood Hope

"Hi Connie, April is doing good... She has really grown and is just GORGEOUS. I will do some photos in the spring and send them to you. She is just amazing and I love her. She is quite the character too. A lot of fun to be around. Thanks again Connie and all best to you and yours in 2014. Linda"
Linda Hales, Sakathewan, CAN purchased Love The Shine

"Hi! Hope y'all are doing well! I just wanted to let you guys know how much we LOVE Shinaroo! (We call him Booger around here). He is a very intelligent guy, and has quite the personality. Late fall/winter can't come soon enough, so excited about starting him. Thanks so much again!  As a repeat customer, I'll guarantee that you won't be disappointed with anything you purchase from Stoney's!"
Sara Lengenegger, NM, purchased Shinaroo and Shiny Little Rooster 

"Writing check on the second futurity payment on Lucy right now. She turning into one sweet reiner! She is entered in the Futurity so keep your eyes on Kevin! Thanks again!"
Sheryl Williams, Texas, purchased Walla Walla Whoa

"Marco has been started. Talk about smart! He has lots of brains and try..thinking he will make a great open horse and who knows....futurity next year?" 
Sheryl Williams, Texas, purchased Budzup

"Hi Connie. I hope everything is good with you. We are sooo happy with our shiny :) Super super super HAPPY! My wife rides him and they are doing very well :) She loves him. We will update you with some videos and photos... Everybody who meets shiny just adores him. He is for sure a gentleman. Thanks for this lovely horse Connie! You are the best:)"
Magnus Tingshagan, Sweden purchased Shiny Dreamer 

"(Krackerjack) is great !!! Fat, happy & super cowy! Gonna start boxing clinics and ranch pleasure with him to keep his mind going along with the reining!  I love him he is great. I will start showing him this summer.  I love him, his personality is awesome."
Keirsten Davis, purchased SB Krackerjack 

"Hello, my name is Derek Saxon. I bought a horse named Nic Knight from you last year. Just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with him. He is currently in Broken Bow, Oklahoma being trained to heel by the Smith brothers and they tell me he is doing wonderful. He has a tremendous amount of cow in him and is very aggressive. It took him a while to kind of calm down but when he did he has made a great horse. I hope to send pictures and a video of him roping. Thanks again for a great horse."
Derek Saxon, Louisiana, purchased Nic Knight

"Hi Connie, Just wanted to let you know that San, aka Stetsan, turned 5 so I thought I would send you a couple of photos so you could see how he's doing. He really has matured into a beauty, and his personality is still so sweet! I truly haven't seen his ears back at anything in the 2 1/2 years I've had him. I am so happy that I made that "leap of faith" and bought him sight unseen from you. People don't believe me when I tell them the story. I always get, "Who does that?"  Anyway, I want to thank you for being so honest in your evaluation of him and for sending him to me. I absolutely would not trade him for ANY other horse I've seen!!!  He is truly one in a million and I'm glad I have that one!!!  Take care, and again, THANK YOU!"
Debbie Brooks, Florida, purchased San In My Boot 

"Hi Connie, Smoke is adorable!!!!!! Sweet as could be!!! My first ride was great! He didn't give me any problems. He is settling in very well and has been a perfect gentlemen for us. Carter my 3 1/2 year old calls him Smokey :-) " 
Justine Mattes, CA, purchased Searchin Smoke

"I want to say thank you for all your help in finding Pearl for me. Pearl is everything I have been looking for. She is everything you represented her to be. It has been a long time since I had a young one...but I NEVER had a young one as good as her! I am thrilled to own her."
Jeannie Webb, Colorado, purchased Boonafide Shiny Chic

"Alice is absolutely wonderful. She's doing terrific. Her attitude is great and she seems very content. My lessons on her have been so much fun...they are the highlite of my week... I'm sure glad you sold this mare to me :) "
Milissa Dunlap, Colorado, purchased A Buck A Shine

"Just thought I would send you a quick update on Romo. He is doing awesome!  I am so pleased with him! I am really excited to continue working with him over the winter. I will continue with the reining, but will also work some cattle with him...I am sure he will do great with it all. Thanks again for the great start that you gave him!" 
Sarah Anderson, Wyoming, purchased My Kinda Shiny

"He arrived safe and sound, and he is perfect.  He really didn't mind the back cinch and shows a lot of cow.  So far he is just what I was looking for and I've had lots of comments on him.  Thanks a lot!!!"
Derek Saxon, Louisiana, purchased Nic Knight

"This Magnum filly is fantastic. Turning into quite a little spunky thing. Silly girl. We love her. She is so athletic and just getting to be lovely. Woohoo!" 
Jessica Gallagher, New Mexico, purchased Chex Out This Magnum

"...wanted to let you know that Bain just finished up 10 days at the balloon fiesta and he couldn't be happier with 44. Nothing ruffled him, from the crowds, to the balloons and burners to the umbrellas, he was unflappable. This was 44's first year out there...coupled with your training early on, he is a great horse for Search and Rescue."
Bain and Janet Cochran, New Mexico, purchased Forty Four Smarts

"Connie - I can't thank you enough for all you're doing. This has been my best horse-buying experience so far.... And I have had a lot.  Again - thanks for being so great at keeping me in the loop - most people aren't like that once the money transfer's been made. And it is so very appreciated.  It's been a pleasure doing business with you - thanks!" 
Vera Celandar, Sweden, purchased Dun It By Dawn

"Thanks Connie, Dunpowder is doing great.  Everyone loves him here.  You did a great job on this guy, what a great disposition, he settled in here real nice.  Thank you much for all and I wished you were here in California..." 
Tom Pavlich, Highland, CA, purchased Dun Powder

"Hello Connie!  Butter is doing fantastic.  I really like her. Your son has done very well starting her. She is just so quiet and easy going!  It's wonderful. Thanks Connie... I just LOVE this filly... super nice!  Look forward to me buying again from you sometime in the future." 
Deena Colic, Ontario, Canada, purchased Butter Kid

"We just got back from seeing Sugar and we couldn't be MORE HAPPY! She is such a babydoll! The trainer really likes her and says she has lots of potential. I rode her a little and she is like driving a big cadillac. She is really nice and I can't thank you enough for your honesty and kindness... I also wanted to tell you that (my trainer) talked to someone at the Michigan show a couple of weeks ago that is from CO and he asked them if they heard of you all and they had nothing but nice things to say about you and your farm. The gentleman said that you guys were good and honest people!  I will keep you posted as she comes along...Thanks Again!" 
Shelby Morris , Coshocton, OH, purchased Sugarlee Kid

"I had my first show with Colby last weekend. He was so good, and the judge complimented me on his mane.  We won the Youth with a 69.5, Rookie 2 with a 71, Intermediate and Limited Non Pro Classes with a 72.5. He felt so good in every class..."
Antony Iren, Belgium, purchased Flashy Colby Jac, trained at Stoney's as a 3 & 4 year old

"I am so happy with the horse.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you. You are the real deal. I saw your passion in turning out great horses and great kids. Whatever your doing, keep doing it. You're very successful in both departments." 
Susan Owen , Elizabeth, CO, purchased Shining Lena

"It was her (our daughter's) first show...Smart Pix aka "Smarty", was a gem! She tied for 2nd. This yielded a ribbon, HER FIRST EVER! and a brush, ALSO HER FIRST EVER!  There was no 10 & under with the modified pattern, thus she had do the full pattern including lead changes which she had just learned (and nailed them!)! She just did a beautiful job and is hooked!!!  They call him the "Reinersaurus" cuz he is so huge, but I have had so many compliments on him. His dependability is so incredible. In particular, our judge commented on what a great horse he is and a local trainer was asking, "Where did you find him? Those are so hard to find!"  I just wanted to thank you and let you know he has a great home and is loved.   Take care and thanks again!" 
Kristen Zuraek, Los Altos Hills, CA, purchased Smart Pix

"We just wanted to let you know that Smarty's doing great.  My daughter rode him for a little bit today, and he was excellent."  
Joy Cooper, Fort Collins, CO, purchased Smart N Diamonds

"...from the times that I have (worked him) he is hands down the smartest horse I have ever trained. He's definitely going to be something special. I will keep you posted as his training progresses!" 
Breanne Marcotte, New Castle, CO, purchased Sparkaboom

"Connie and Amy, just wanted to let you know that Shadie is doing really well.  Wanted to give you an update on her first show.  I got my personal best on her...that actually put us in third place in the non-pro for the ORHA out of 15 horses... Anyway, thank you so much.  I just love her and so does everyone else.  She is so much fun!  I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying her...Thanks again, Karen" 
Karen Wylde, Bend, OR, purchased A Little Shadie Chic

"I send you very much thanks for purchase my mare Dolly (Hollywood On Line).  I want tell you she has wonderful life in our home and for me is a pleasure work with her. This year I would like to start show her in Czech shows in amateur classes. In May will be here 1st NRHA approved show... Thank you Connie for Dolly once more!" 
Eliska Zimmermann, The Czech Republic, purchased Hollywood On Line

"Hi Connie, Just wanted to convey my gratitude for all you have done on my recent purchase of "Dun It In Style". It's a very long way from Colorado to New Zealand, but the shipment couldn't have gone any smoother thanks to your willingness to help out in any way possible. "Sugar" arrived on our property after spending six weeks in quarantine and she is exactly as you described her, absolutely stunning to look at, a beautiful mind and a ton of ability. Trust is a huge issue when purchasing a horse half way around the world, you have certainly earned mine!  Be prepared for my call when I am looking for my next purchase.....Kind Regards, Peter Watt, Vice President New Zealand Reining Horse Association" 
Peter Watt, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, purchased Dun It In Style

"Hi Connie,  just thought you would like to know that Mister (a.k.a. Peppy D Colonel) is doing great. He is by far the sweetest stud I've been around.  We just love him.  Thanks again...  Sincerely, Terri Donley "
Carl and Terri Donley, trainers for purchaser of Peppy D Colonel 

"I do want to say Connie, you represented this colt in a most honest surprises here, he is just what you said he'd be. I couldn't be happier with a purchase off of a video thanks to you. Buying these things is like playing the stock market, a gamble for sure, no guarantees, but I appreciate your honesty and integrity and keen eye. I could get real lazy...... just send you my shopping "list" and you go find it for me! Anyway, a very satisfied customer here!  Thanks Connie, he's cuter than cute."
Shirley Karger, Tucson, AZ, purchased Boggies Blair Cee

"I just wanted you to know that your judgment on the horse was dead both shows, folks came up to me and commented on what a cute horse he is, and how much presence he has in the ring!" 
Natalie Baca, Santa Fe, NM, purchased Blaze Away Jose

 We take great pride in our high standards and consistent customer satisfaction.  The only thing more pleasing than being well thought of is having made a perfect match between horse and rider.  We love what we do. 

Thanks - The Stoney Family Jeff, Connie, JW and Amy

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